Thursday, July 4, 2013

First Observation!


yes, it has been 3 weeks already. gosh, the time passed by so quickly! cant wait for this to finish! xsabar nya... cepat2 la septemberr... huhuhu

This week I have my supervisor came for observation. haku punya panik dari malam ke siang memikirkan apa mau ajar budak2 nanti. suda siap mengadu dekat si dia, mengadu dekat Fred, minta tolong my fren nana, and guess how my observation turned out to be??

YEAAAAYYYYYY!! alhamdulillahhh syukur nikmat. Syukran Ya ALLAH!

although there were some mistakes that I've done, but the room of improvement are wide open. I asked my supervisor and he said Im A-OKAY! I am so glad to hear that. ahhhh. penat lelah mencari dan mencapai LCD projektor, malam2 yang tidak cukup tidur membuahkan hasil. thank you. thank you Allah!

although, I must improve more of myself. teaching indeed a very hard task, but I would survived this far If I cannot do it. I may not like the paperwork, but I love my students. especially my Form 2 Alpha and 1 Alpha, and I really hope that they like me too.

as much as I enjoy teaching, I received a positive respond from si ahem-ahem (misteri la sangat nis..phuik!) hikhikhik. I'm taking it slow, don't want to rush on things because I don't want our friendship to end up in a wrong way. last time I did, I end up broken heart. I don't want that anymore. enough. I deserve happiness. :)

aanyway, itu jak la for today. haku ader lesson plan lagi mau buat ni... hehe, love to talk again really soon! I've got dates today! wihiiiii~~~

see ya soon guys! muah!

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