Friday, July 19, 2013


now fate has brought me up to the end of week 5!

oh dear how I wish time flies a little bit faster then at it slowest on weekends. haha. Teaching has been a tiring thing for teachers, no wonder some teachers sometimes are too lazy going into the class.

I don't like to talk about my class here and my school because basically they are all the same as I entered 10 years back. students, although are not the same, but they are being students, which I understand the most. especially boarding school's students. the difference is my view shift to another one. which is as a teacher.

but overall school was okay.

so now its fasting month! Ramadhan oh I love Ramadhan. but since we're in practical season, I became so very lazy.. hahaha... tiredness + laziness  is a perfect combination for every weekend. lol. but last weekend I got a chance went out with Mister Simple (buek) watch some games before we went for breaking the fast at nearest restaurant. which means, happy! haha. kalau taim bukan puasa bole la spend time.. skrg puasa xble pegi lunch sama2. hiks.

anyway, cant wait for practicum to end! nak masuk kelass! hehe. miss my friends loo..huhuh

k lah thats all. thanks for reading and stopping by.
i know its boring. whatever. hahha

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