Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sweats And Tears

For the past few months and weeks, I have actually dedicated my time to do some small business to support my need of penny. Facing the fact that I'm now unemployed gives me a heavy burden on my chest, actually, that living in this world as an unemployed-waiting-to-graduate personnel is not the happiest situation although I am surely enjoying the free time doing what I want. But doing what you want are not free anymore.

As I mentioned, I did small food business. I made puddings and cook fried noodles and sold it to students. I have already made puddings since last year, where I continued that 'job', as I called it, from my sister who was actually the first one to start the job to fill her free time. Since she had to go for study, I continued the job for myself.

To be honest, I wasn't really confident to myself when I first started, because at that time, maybe I didn't see how important money to me and this was rather a hobby for me ( PTPTN spoiled me, pfftt) and I was on-off selling. But, I never stop making them. Then came the time of crisis, where I had to go through 3 months of practical without any allowance from the University and my PTPTN was already out of contract, money seemed to be more important than ever. So I became serious with this new job I had.

Earlier this year, I added a new 'product' to my selling that is the fried noodle. Why fried noodle? Simply because I love cooking, and most people said that I cooked well, so, why not? right? Mum asked me to baked some kuih bahulu but I disagreed. Baking isn't really my cup of tea. Cooking on the other hand is my passion. :P

First week of trial, I tried small. One packet of noodles, sold RM0.50 each (so the kids could afford la) and see how it goes. Well, it went well! the kids love the noodles, and asking for more! Told ya I can cook! hahaha. Ok stop bragging Nis. That's just sounds ugly.

So, yesterday when my mum was late and usually I just sent all those stuff to her and she sells them, so I waited for her and sold the stuff myself. Surprisingly, in a matter of minute - during recess - the noodles were sold out! I came home yesterday smiling till my ears meet at the back of my head (see how happy I was). Later this evening, mum hand me over all the profits (money laa) that were collected from Monday till today and boy... it exceeded more than I calculated.

I then literally teared up looking at the money that I had in my hand, because I know I have put a lot of efforts, my sweats, my time, my money, my energy, just to accomplish what I'm holding at that time. I almost cried these week because I was so tired of waking up early morning, cleaning up house, cook the noodles, sent them to mum despite any weather, then came home and rush to part-time work, then when I finish work, came home, made pudding for tomorrow, and it goes on and on everyday. It was a true effort. I didn't wait for the end of month to receive my salary. If I'm not selling those stuff, I don't have money, and if I don't have money, I can't make it to graduation this April. and graduation is at Kuala Lumpur, long way from home.. Get it  now how crucial money seems to me?

Well, I think I appreciate efforts more now since the world just slapped me on ma face that if I didn't work my ass off, I didn't get what I wish, and I will just keep on wishing instead of achieving. I want to achieve, I want to do things I want, but in order to do things I want, I need support. I need money. and money I shall find. I just hope I'll have endless high spirit, energy and will to keep this up.

wow, I just wrote a novel. a pat to yourself please, Nis. So the bottom of all this nonsense I just wrote, hard work did pay of well. so guys, work hard. There are other people out there who can't have what you have now, and work their heart out to survive and stay alive. Feel blessed and have faith (I am) because God will surely pays you off well with what you have done.

So till then, I shall end my novel. haha. Hey, thanks anyway for stopping by and spend your time reading this whoever you are. I may not the most important person in the world, but your time spending reading my writing means a lot to me. I just hope to inspire people. 

Will write again soon! see ya!

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