Thursday, February 10, 2011

imma PROUD sabahan :)

if i would have a huge crush, i would say i am having a crush towards my beautiful state; SABAH!
sabah, the land below the wind! just listen to the name, you can already feel the warmth of it. It's the place that is known for the multi-ethnic living next to each other, place where the Mount Kinabalu rests, a place where locals are very friendly and support each other. We talk in different dialect, we have different faith, different perceptions about life, yet we can laugh on funny jokes or share stories with a sip of coffee under mamak's stall. It is a place that is full with peace and harmonious blending together with the vast growth of development. 
i always love how nature works around here. i can still hear the birds chipping waking me up at dawn and watch the sunset peacefully at dusk . i love how the fresh air brushes my face when i open the door in morning or how the cold breeze blow on me whenever we're having a trip to the mountains. 
kota belud

the mount kinabalu

i love watching  buffaloes rest along rocky river from my car's window while going across the bridge, and how they dried themselves after going into the cold river. the scenery from my trip all around sabah mostly were breathtaking and i love everything about it even though some trip might leave me with a mark like mosquito's bite and some bruises from the slippery kampung hills. but you never know how great experience you might get ahead.
i have to admit, being a city girl, i was never built for rough environment like my mom and dad used to lived. but what i love the most about sabah is that nature and development were just around the corner ; you can always find green in the middle of the development. its fun, and exciting!
well, living in sabah for almost the rest of my life are like the best thing that ever happen to me. i always love nature around here because they taught me how to see beauty differently, how to act to other living organism the right way, and how God's the Almighty to create such beautiful place. no matter how far i travel across the world, i know that i always come back to this place and spend the rest of my life here. this is my hometown, and i would fight for it if i had to...
i always proud to be sabahan.
bangga ba sia. kenapa kau? problem??
apapun, hidup 1 melesia!!
melesia buleh! 
(kita satu melesia, jan gaduh2. enda bagus ba begadu sak.peace!)

*angkat tgn smbil berlalu pergi*

smat kan ending....kakakakaka :D. (pointless)

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