Saturday, June 22, 2013

internship and relationship. :P

Im back in blogger bebeh!. miss me? sure. miss u too XD

its been a while, but yeah, Im actually still here. just dont have the time and the heart to write sometimes. but it never fades actually, just not in the right mood. :P

INTERNSHIP! yes! Im in the middle of my internship. doing my teaching practicum in my old school SMESH. it has been 6 years already, not much things that change, physically its just the same, but since the head of the school has change, so does the teachers, so this time its gonna be a whole new experience to me. being the teacher and teaches students so they can be pandai. hahaa. 

Its been a week so I cannot say much about internship, since I've been in the class 2 times only. one for observing my mentor's teaching, another for class relief, so not much of observation. lebih masa aku memerap dalam bilik guru. wawawawawaa.. bangas I tell you. nasib baik menten comel. awwhh. :P. If you happens to be my friend in fb, you'll see how I've been doing for the past 2 weeks since our practical starts. luckily. I SURVIVED. .. for now. HOHOHO

RELATIONSHIP?? hahaha. well, this actually more like friendship story, but I thought the word relationship are more attractive, am I right? hehehe. 

been away from my friends for about a week especially to my dearest Fred, I miss him sooo much! we even promised each other to chat on Line every night. awww. sweet ndak? haha. no he's just a friend. however, recently I have been contacting this dearest creature instantly, almost everyday!omaigosh, baru aku prasan. haha. I cant tell you guys whom, for sure a HE because I'm not lesbian and a forever loner. hahaahha. we grew closer these few weeks, and to be honest, I think we have a 'thing' , but that's just me guessing. yala. siapa la aku ni.. da la nda santik. wuwuw. slap urself nis. prasan sendiri2. huhu. pigi terjun bangunan!

anyway, that was my conclusion for the whole time I've been missing from blogger. 
WISH ME LUCK for both internship and relationship! hahahaha. oh gosh, I really need that luck!
okeh nis. DOA banyak2! hehe. 

daa ;)

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