Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fatherly Love

before I get my hands on my overloaded assignments, let me spill this story off my chest.

Since the beginning of my work, I slowly adapting myself to the fact that my job now was to serve my community and country. I met various types of people every day, watching their behavior (okay probably judging them too, guilty to that) and think about it all day. Sometimes, by the end of the day of my work, I got tired of thinking.

But today, I don't know why, I'm starting to took deep concerns on people I met, people I serve, and my surroundings.

nak dijadikan ceghito... I was serving one of my customer today, a male, a dad, and a husband, carrying his one year old daughter to apply for a passport. The guy looked so young, probably around his 30s and one heck of a good-looking guy too (this is just me praising God's creation ok. haha). While my hands and my eyes were busy on the PC monitor typing and key-in some data, I saw that guy at the corner of my eyes, kissing his daughter's head slowly, over and over.

his hands were glued tight hugging his little princess on his lap, and that cute little child was very calm, and quite happy, she slaps my table repeatedly and smile. He then looked into his daughter and kiss her forehead, and the kid responded happily. I was touched right there. Half of my heart felt numb by the shower of love I saw right in front of my eyes. I pretend not to see what he did right there with his daughter so it doesn't make my communication with my customer became awkward, so I pretended to looked away, and getting busy with my annoyingly slow printer.

The second young father that I saw today too touched me deep. bak kata orang KK, makan dalam, jo. A nice built man with his wife, and their two adorable kids, one he was holding was a newborn. That big biceps pops up when he was holding his daughter in his arm, which grab my attention (sorry bout that. old habits die hard), although he's not my customer, but when I saw he kissed that sleeping newborn, something moved inside my heart. something calmer.

I am my daddy's daughter, and daddy means the whole world to me. since I don't have a big brother, daddy would be the one I looked up too in a man. I realize the fact that daddy loves to show us that he loves us too, but I rarely witness a young father showering their small daughters with love; probably because of man's behavior itself, that they didn't show much love publicly. When I saw both of that young fathers today, it makes me wonder how daddy would react to me when I was still a little monster.. yes, monster...haha. He would probably kissed my head many times in my sleep, hug me tight from any harm, hold my hands so I wont fall, or make me laughed with his silly face, and he would probably did all of that out of love, but I was too young to remember.

I wish I could someday found a husband like that, that loves our child with all his heart. oh, of course loves me with all his heart too! hehe.. who will always be a protector to our child, teach them good lessons or make us laugh with his silly jokes. I would pray he would be more like my daddy, but to be exactly like daddy would be impossible because daddy is just simply irreplaceable. a GOLD.

kalau dekat western, I would raise my glass to all fathers around the world, but here, I raised protein shakes to all daddy's in the world. ( ada makna tuuu....) keep up the good fatherly job fellas! keep the laaavee. oh yeah, feel it.

lastly, love you till the end of time, Dad.
your's truly, that little monster of your own.

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