Saturday, December 12, 2015

Love Came True

I know some love story are not meant for sharing. I know I shud keep mine closely private, but I want something to remember. Something that I can read into and smile or laugh, or perhaps cry. (in happiness, I hope 😝)

God was so kind to me that He let me met with love when I wasn't even looking for it. By the time, I was happy with my single life after surviving multiple depressions before, but also in the midst of confusion with a guy that keeps me hanging with emotion. Then he came. Rather accidentally there in front of my eyes.

He introduced himself as J. A man that I never even noticed although we worked in a same department. He is as my age. I dont know why something driven me to him. Maybe that's what they called JODOH. 

Me? Surely I was happy with myself, but I am a very insecure person. " I'm sure, we're just friends " I said to myself. That time, I was happy to be single, because I started to accept, the fact that I wasnt good enough for anybody.

I want love, but I don't want it to came too fast or too slow. But Allah's knows what's best for you, love came to me at the right time. I trust Allah heard my voice, my du'a, and let gave me a man that I have always looking for. The right guy in the right time.

Some say, a lover that change together, stays forever and I hope that would happen to us. He introduced me to a world I have never seen before, and accept me for the way I am. Some might say I'm rushing into love, but I know this one will last. Dunno. My hinch tell me so.

Since March 6th 2015,  and today is 9th months together, I never regret anything. May Allah bless us on our journey to marriage.

Next up? Engagement day! Cant wait ❤

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