Saturday, October 26, 2013

my fitness story

heyya guys. I've been missing for a while. Glad to see myself here again typing all about how life's been lately. (as if anyone care nis... -_-)

FYI, I just finished my practical (well few months ago) and currently undertaking my last semester in Uni doing thesis. Part tu x banyak sangat la mau cerita because, I only go to Uni once a week! [jan
jeles keeyyy haha] sebab kelas only on Friday! weee~~

so since I have tons of free times at home, I decided to change my diet and my body because recently I realized, "nis, are you going to be this FAT forever?!". Sebenarnya aku lama suda mo diet ba tapi tau la ba kalo plan mau diet ni memang ndak termakbul bila tengok makanan yang maha sedap. odoi. moreover, I can cook! so, it's impossible for me to be out of food. I can always develop food from the least ingredient, trust me. haha. (what can I say, Imma survivor~)

SO, I start dieting, cutting off my amount of food, picking more healthier choice of food, more importantly, start working out. I jog, do stuff, hiking, pilates, zumba, sit ups, planking, anything I could possibly do for the entire day just to sweat off myself.

I cannot reveal just yet what happen to my body because I'm not yet satisfy with the results I see. to be honest, before I start my journey to fitness, my weight was almost 70kg. with my height now, I need to loose at least 10kg to my ideal weight which is 60kg to place me in the normal weight.

now, fitness is easy, but maintaining one and keep motivated is hard! I keep falling and stumble, and feeling lazy all the time, but some time I had my "I can do this" moment. long story short, I have my ups and downs to keep myself fit.

However I had my own goals for this, and I hope I can maintain it.

hanis, FIGHTING! hiyak!

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