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Teater Mencari Ricka review!

Assalamualaikum warah matullahi wabarakatuh!
Well. I am not going to say I am a huge fan of theater thingy, but I am a HUUUUGGEEEE FAN of  free! haha.Now, Kompleks JKKN Sabah baru jak siap awal tahun, and already making use of it facilities well. Last time they organize a paid-theater called Ngarayang kalau aku nda silap, but I purposely miss on that sebab it is kinda expensive for a poor student like me. (oh, ptptn) hew hew hew hew..hemo hemo hemo..

So, tonight they are making another theater called MENCARI RICKA at their place (JKKNS) which is performed by UMS students who took course in Sekolah Kesenian UMS. Teater ni sebenarnya kira macam submission UMS dalam pertandingan teater yang bakal di buat di KEY-ELL nanti. the best part tu, masuk adalah percuma! so aku ambil kesempatan bawa member drama club pi join, tengok, and tambah pengalaman. I have watched drama before when in high school. and I know, the experience was awesome!

here some synopsis of the story and picture of scenes.
banyak ayat sastera. aku bingung skejap.
sumandak mengamuk tanah dia kana ambil.

watak utama, Rickitt

Ricka dan kakaknya

Ricka suda besar jadi endek, berkawan sm endek, sally

left, Rickitt, right, Ricka

matai na bunu diri..

crew of Mencari Ricka
now, to simplified the story, It is actually a story about a guy named Rickitt, who wrote a story about himself, but he changed his character in the story into Ricka. In the story, Ricka lives in kampung with his sister and father. His mother died in an accident (tanah runtuh ka nda silap). So, since then, Ricka's sister, Rionum are the one who responsible to take care of the family.

Conflict happens when the land that they were live on are about to be taken away by a greedy Datuk. Rionum was not agree, but his father has no choice (because his father thinks that they cannot fight with datuk yang banyak harta dan kuasa) so the father sold the land, and also sold Rionum. Rionum which has been molested (or raped) by Datuk become mentally dysfunction then later become a crazy person (orang sakit jiwa yoo) then later died. father too later died because of so sick of love song..haahaha. nda ba. father died of sickness. then life after that change Ricka, which turns him to choose dark side of life. becoming a pondan. or transgender if u prefer that. kalo kawan2 aku bilang "endek". another word for pondan. he then seduces datuk yang menjahanamkan hidup dia, then kill the datuk.

Rickit was actually blaming Ricka for what have happen, when actually Rickitt was the one who wrote it all. He end up killing himself probably because the delusional was over the top. Rickit died in prison. (sbb bunuh datuk kan..)

SO! WAH panjang. how I rate? hm.. I have to say 4/5 rate. sbb penghayatan pelakon semua awesome, sound system, awesome...real....sudala duduk dekat speaker.... and I was impressed by how they play. cuma agak konpius ricka tu laki ka pompuan...but they play so real gila. bahasa, understandable. I would say 5/5 because it is free, but that just melampau la plak. haha. so I give 4/5.

anyway, can't wait to watch another theater!! :D

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