Thursday, September 12, 2013

crawling my way back to blogger

I was lost without any news for 3 months because I am undergoing my practical the whole time I was absent here. still practical now, but through our last weeks (next week is my last!)

Now, to sum up everything from those 3 months back to this day, at the beginning, teaching was kinda scary to think about. Probably because I was lack of experience back then, I don't know how were the kids, the school's environment, the teachers and so on. But then I soon adapt myself to the fact that I am the only person who's gonna do intern and I have to do it all on myself and alone. "Survive" probably the best word for me.

Despite all the hardship and annoying paper works, I am into connecting myself to my students and feel comfortable with them. I can laugh and do jokes, and they sometimes share stories to me. Sometimes, I feel like they were looking up to me as a sister, rather than a teacher. :)

There were ups and downs along the way, especially where I was trying so hard to impress my supervisor to my teaching. I was and still kinda upset about my last observation from him because it seems like I wasn't fit enough to fill the job. As if I failed teaching. T_T which is kinda sad. I went back home that day crying along the way while driving. The car next to me probably wondering, or, maybe not. But it was a heartbroken one.

Now that I am almost to the end of my teaching, I feel so sad to leave my students and back to school to continue thesis work. They saw me happy, they helped me to get good grades, and to think about the last week next week always leaving me tearing up over the goodbyes. I probably not the best teacher they ever had, but they were the best students I ever teach. I just hope they will always remember me, as I always remember them.

so that's all I have for now, thank you for stopping by and read my ridiculous stories. till we meet again :)

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Noraisyah N. said...

and i still remember how you wanted to get done with this practical at your first day.

i told you its gonna be fun!
bring lots of tissue this week hehehe...