Monday, May 27, 2013

long gone. happy to be here.

first of all, I would like to express my apology to those who read this blog and waited for the next post. Its been two month since my last post, not because I was too busy no time for blog, but Im too lazy to type. lol.

so let me story the mory sket about my past 2 months of living. cehh. since this is my final semester before practical, the last 2 months are about having fun and spending quality times with family and friends. there has been ups and downs, happiness and sadness, although I do not regret every minute I spend with all my love ones. yes. family and friends. :)

I am happy indeed. I have great friends, all of them, and I have loving family, therefore I am more than thankful to Allah for the greatest happiness I gain. to see happiness in all of my family and friends are the greatest satisfaction I always love to see, and to know that they were happy because of me takes me beyond happiness!

I know I might not be attractive to feast everyone's eyes, but let me give the happiest moment when you are with me. It's the best thing I love to do.

soon practical, I will be missing my friends who helped a lot during this whole semester. I spend a lot of time lepaking with them sebab I know 3 bulan nnt xdpt jumpa sama2, ketawa sama2...awww I miss them already. (tambah2 lg aku solo2 praktikal)

so if by any chance my friends happens to read this, all I wanted to say is endless thank you for being patience with my craziness all of this time u guys know me. Promise me you guys will never forget me and we will always find ways to spend our free time together.

*half of the crew*
so many members cannot fit in here haha. 


my best buddy of gossiping! hahahaha.

and lots
and lots
and lots!! of more picture. but I cant show here.hihi. 
let me keep the rest to myself.

last but not least, 
other than my love to Allah, Rasullullah saw and my parents, 
and before my future husband,
they sit the top 5 ranks. ;)


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