Tuesday, March 26, 2013

XX and XY

ps- this is opinion based. so I might be bias. or not. but thank u for reading and commenting. :)

a man could never understand a woman, and a woman hardly understand a man. Usually we thought they are all the same despite their similarities in gender.

but indeed they are all the same. they were created by The Almighty to have a strong reaction to their opposite gender and to complete each other. Men were built strong and firm, while women are soft and tender. like when you throw a rock on a concrete, they create a huge pop sound and impact, in fact some might break, but if you throw a rock on a bucket of cotton, nothing would happen; the rock didnt break, and the cotton did not clutter or break. see now? you do not match strong with strong as they will fight and create disaster. You match strong and tender then it create perfect combination.

so what about homosexuals and lesbians? well... lets put that aside. because I dont want to talk about that. Its a sensitive one.

finding mr/mrs right was a problem to you? heyy. we are all do. you might have the list of your mr right in your head right now, but trust me, once you've met 'the one', you'll know it. they are nothing like the list you've created. in fact way better!

but just make sure, your road for necessity in love doesn't have to end in tragedy or sparked from a bad event. but if they do, find ur way back to God, and Allah guide the best decision for you. :)

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