Monday, March 4, 2013

this is my land. MY HOME.

here is where I born, where I grew,
where I learn the meaning of life. 
here is the land 
where people come to witness miracle
where people come for serenity
and rich for its diversity. 

I know how serious the matter that happens now. yes, it is the matter of national security. and living within a family that surrounded mostly around the police community (my friends and uncles) I can feel and relate their pain going through this crisis. 

my hopes, my prayers, my tears, and my spirit goes to those who willing to pull the trigger for the sake of safety on this beautiful land. your sacrifices will not be wasted my dear heroes. may you all home safe to your family when this crisis end. 

it is a heartbreaking moment for all sabahan. 
but we do whats best. 
that is our prayer, 
and our will to be strong! 


al-fatihah and condolences to fallen heroes. 

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