Monday, February 25, 2013

sandakan mari!

owkey la. aku da lama x update blog ni. because of recently I was suppose to write kan, but... somehow, I got lazy ass.  hehe.


the last 3 weeks ago (I think) , I went to SANDAKAN! weeee~~ lama da aku x pegi sandakan. last time aku pegi aku masih budak lg masa tu, so, aku x igt jalan dia cmana. this time, I remember the road! hoh! Sandakan da besar skrg. dulu besar jgk. tp skrg lagi besar la. Banyak ruma cina besar2 sana.

oh, I haven't told yet the main reason I go there. I was actually followed my aunt to meet my uncle there. He works in Sandakan. Biasala kan laki bini berjumpa. Me, my sis, and my dad came along with her to accompany her. ibarat umang2 yang menumpang kereta. wakakaka. but actually my mission is to go to Agnes Keith's House, which I have planned long long time. hehe.

Well, there's not much thing to write along the way,just me admiring the view of nature, which, if anyone familiar with roads to Sandakan, 80 percent of your view are the palm estate. So, cut the talk a bit, let the pics shows it all, shall we?

if u see this cute little croc, you're in Sandakan :D
tea time with madras tea! :D

this is dinner guys. MURTABAK yg awesome. see why I get so gumuk.

cloudy morning. (later then came quite heavy rain)


mua house. lol
 To be honest, while visiting the Agnes Keith's House, I was feeling quit scary because there was only the three of us in the big house, and they dont allow picture taking in the house. from history I read in the house, it was quite haunted because before the restoration in 2001, the house was abandoned and many scary stories were reported on that house. kamu tau aku ni penakut, but I was holding that fear back. I dont want to screw my mission just because I was afraid of the haunted house. GO ANIS!
behind us are the Sandakan city. well. u cannot see much with these sight. -_-

Sandakan Death March Memorial Park.
I always love to go museums, memorial park, and such things when I go places. Its where I can learn history about places, so I just don't go there and blankly take picture. well, its another fun way to learn right?. so with short amount of time, we manage to cover at least 2 main attraction in Sandakan. Maybe later I'll conquer another!. :D I love the city but I love my KK more. :P hehe.

anyway, next trip, probably head to Ranau! woohoo!. I'll update you guys about that. alright?
see ya next post! muah! ;)

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