Tuesday, February 12, 2013


ok, ok...I called today's post special isn't about the magic that suddenly came out of the post. nope. nope. haha. Its about a person who had make these past 10 years special to boypren. I'm still single (please call 01..hehe) but..give it up tooo.....NORAISYAH.! *pak pak pak ( tepukan gemuruh kenen )* oh, for readers that didn't know who the heck is this girl (obviously cewek baini), she's my best friend since high school!

I know for some, friendship in ten years might be like;

" alaa..spuluh tahun jak pun... aku dari kecik lagi kawan sama si dot dot dot " 

but for me, It is way more valuable than all the golds you can find on earth, more shiny than the pearls in the seas, and way, waayy more stronger than the diamonds.

I have been friends with Aisyah since the very first time I was in SMESH, yang masa tu aku sangat la dogo sampai panggil dia kakak (you too would called her senior because of her height!), but then our friendship just continue going stronger until now.

Of course there were ups and downs between us. sometimes Aisyah can be a bit fussy, and I'll be like sponge; absorb all the curse words she said, listen to all her complains, and not talking back to her when she was in anger. hahahah. Its not that I'm making myself an easy target on anything, no.. no..but I was being there for her. even if she doesn't know about it. If she need to blame it on something, or want to laugh about something, let me be there to share the moment and be the first to know.

She knew all guy I've been crushed on (oh and still is ;D) and then go mocking me playa back then sebab aku banyak crush n boyprensss (plural ok). hahahaha. well. what can I say. aku dulu memang hot stuff. wakakakkaak! sekarang suda insap baa. (maka, teda orang mau. wuhuhuhu) and I would just laugh and laugh when they mocking me, because, entah, aku nda kisah punn. kasi amin lg dalam hati. wekekekeke~
anyway, for the moment, here some pics from ze GOLDEN AGE. haha :

our junior years. so young and hots. hahahahaha! thats abel with spectacles. she's our other half too :)
senior years permulaan camwhoring. tp sy masih budak baru belajar. skrg suda pro. wohoo!

aisyah have been a part of me in half of my life, i consider her my own family. her family, is my family, her boyfriend, is totally NOT MINE. hahahaha. anyway, I too don't see this as the end of our friendship. we still have a lot more things to do, a lot more gossips to tell, a heck of lot more boys to ngorat, ngee, in future, more and more other agenda sampai la ke tua. in sya allahh! :D who knows, we might be living seblah2 ruma?kan? wah. genius kau nis.

So, di kesempatan ini, a special THANKS I would like to give to aisyah for accepting me and understanding me through all these years. 10 years might be just a number, but I have known you for like forever. Distance might keep us apart, but always know that I left half of my heart by your side so that you know I will always be there even if I'm not in your sight, always be there for a shoulder to cry on, and for good times you had in your life.

I wouldn't trade anything, not a single dime for you because that's how special you are to me. I appreciate all the gifts and love you gave, and i know, its not about the price tag that matters, its the intention is what I care. always know daling, that you can count on me like one two three, because it rhymes, and because I have aaalll your dark secret with me. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. I love you (ok not in a lesbo way) to the moon and back earth, and bounce back the space and to the whole Milky Way!

abel, aisyah, anis 

so, lets SINTIKI for another 10, 100, 1000 yearss!! yeaayyy!!


Noraisyah N. said...

awwww...i dont know what to say *sob sob* cant wait for the 20 years post!

cik.arifah. said...

adil la kita. gmbr aku pun sandik! hahahaha!