Sunday, January 27, 2013

si hansel dan si gretel

today I went for a movie with my two buddies and my sis (not in pic)

yep. that's me and my cute face. 

so we went for Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunter at CP. little that we know, there's an audition for Bintang mencari Bintang too at Palm Square. tapi itu benda tidak penting la. 
proceed to movi. muehehe

if you want me to rank, hm. i will rank 4/5 for it. best!
I love fairy tale-ish story, and added hot cast, cool battle scene, I love the whole stories! 
its a little bit twist of the story, and I can actually predicted the plot. 
but then again, because my deep love to action + fairy tale-ish + epic movie, I don't really care how the plot goes. 
Must I remind those who have bad stomach to blood, please dont watch this. they seriously put heck of a lot blood effect to the story. not even censored! (now i get it when they said 18andabove movie only) 
but the story are seriously awesome, and totally worth my money! i love it! ^_^ 

go watch if you haven't.

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