Monday, November 5, 2012


My Rate : 4/5

James Bond franchise hit the cinema again with their latest movie, SKYFALL. now, I have been a fan of Bond and I never missed the stories. I always love clean cut that every Bond actor had!

Few hours ago, me and my dad go watched SKYFALL! although I am a big fan of James Bond, this sequel are less thrilling as I expected. so far, the expendables 2 impressed me with big guns and big cars. Bond were just like the usual, a small gun, but heck of a lot of style and machoness!.

Here, you can see Bond looked a little bit old (blame the unforgiven wrinkles) but his body makes him hot again! haha. its like, when I watch his face i go like "ew, he's old" but when he go shirtless then i'll be like "okay, he's damn hot". So much dilemma....hohoh.

Talking about casting of the stories, well, I still think Daniel Craig played James Bond well. I like him. there are new cast like Bond have a new Quartermaster (Q) which is cute and handsome, new colleagues- a lady of course, not to mention, new bad guys.... and new officer as the head of intelligence.

the plot was okay, not confusing, and the duration of it was quite long. I had to hold my pee so I don't miss a thing! lol. but overall, the story was okay. because I love the cast, so I would give 4 out of 5 stars. hehe. its not as thrilling as Expandables and Die Hard, but It was worth watching if you're into action movies like me :)

maybe someday, I wanted to be like James Bond, can? hehehe.


 rawwwwrr! ;D


Ajer said...

aku 3.5/5 . byk drama dr action

cik.arifah. said...

aku bayes, aku suka Bond, so aku bagi 4 hohohoohohoho