Saturday, October 20, 2012

me and the MARINES.

There's something about the US Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, etc...etc...that fascinates me. I don't know. Probably the good looks? noo... the bodies.... yess...THE bodies...rawr! :3 Don't get me wrong. I love the Malaysian Army too! at least, they're more real to me, right? hahaha. :D

several weeks ago, the USS C Stern, an Aircraft Carrier from USA came and docking here in Kota Kinabalu. yah, exciting! well, maybe not exactly in the city. The ship is too big that they have to 'park' a little bit more to the Sepanggar Area where the depth of the water are more deeper. I did notice how KK suddenly loaded with foreigners. ehem. HOT FOREIGNERS to be exact. hehehehe. so they were here to.. you know, stop by, loaded their ship's supplies...stuff like that. plus, KK have all the advantage in terms of income. yeess... you know what I mean..... money were flowing in.... hahaha ;D not to mention, the 'washing eyes' advantage. hahaha. 

I always have crushes over Military guys. even the Malaysian Army! you can see me glowing from inside whenever I catch, even a glimpse of them! even though I look completely normal on the outside (cool expression is always a must.), my inner soul suddenly turns into a little girl with highest level of ADHD problem!!.. seriously. haha

I'd like to talk with them, but my mouth froze, and I can't arrange my words. awww these beautiful guys...they make me go speechless! haha. but u know, one of them did tried to talk to me and my sister, ijah. we were blurred for about 10 second, but completely aware of his good looking features!!! hahaha

now, cut the talk, move to pictures! :D

aww. look. it fits my palm... :P


they set up a jetty behind the SURIA SABAH MALL so they can enter the city effectively? they surely know the right spot to put that jetty!

marines!! marines!! XD

This was their boats to carry them from the MAIN SHIP to mainland. the big grey, small grey, and white ferry.
Now, this USS C Stern carrier ship are FREAKING LARGE! they have approximately 6500 crews aboard and fit 164 Air Force Aircraft!! waaoo! Imagine how big is that! its like they have a small city in a big ship!. well duhh niss.. ofkos la!.

this picture are far more clearer than mine because it belongs to my dad's friend who happen to have the freakin' long camera lenses and able him to shoot extremely nice pictures of the ship. and CLEAR too!. hahaha. you can see more of his picture it by CLICKING HERE . He got more awesome pictures too! go go now!.

I love marines! I love Military! thanks to them, they produce hot, perfectly build body, and strong will human to their country. no matter what country!. I wish I can date one. please. just one guy? hahahahaha.

ps---- aku da lupa da sama mr. itik. wakakaakakakaka. sorry dear. this time, Mr. Marines wins. try again next time. ;D


Noraisyah N. said...

alaaaa....i want to see marines close ups!! do they really look like rihanna in battleship?

cik.arifah. said...

if female, I can't tell. but you can tell by the way they walk. macho gila. hemsem ahhh~

anielurve said... so jeles~!