Tuesday, November 20, 2012

kasi lari sawang.

halo halo bloggers. lama suda aku nda update sini ni. terasa rindu pada diri sendiri. (uweek) yang kiut lagi jelita ini (blububulueeek). live has been good these days, and I am grateful. alhamdulillah :)

what's recent?

the whole world knows yang skarang ni tengah konflik between Gaza and Israel. and bombs are 'flooding' Gaza city and death toll are rising. nowadays, mean people just don't stay at school anymore. they go outside and take other people's life. :( it is sad to hear the news every day about the war (we can call it war!) and civilians of gaza that affected the worse.

come on, lets not call this about religion, this is HUMANITY calls to answer. those who killed are someone's son, brothers, father, mother. Wouldn't you be piss off if some kind of army kill the entire family of yours just because they THINK you are capable off destroying a country? to defend your country from what? children? DUDE, YOUR DAMAGE ARE NO EQUAL TO THOSE WHO YOU THINK ARE YOUR ENEMY! idiots. those are a bunch of idiots who creates LAME EXCUSES and try to FOOL everyone their main reason to start war.

I'd like to remind myself. remind everyone who reads this. lets pray for peace. what would u feel if you place yourself in their shoes?


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