Saturday, September 8, 2012


okay okay fine. ejek la aku sebab lambat tgok ceta ni. hari ni baru dapat tgok. wuwuwuwuw. sedih ba.. haha. aanyway, no regrets for spending my money on this movie! that's for sure!. hehe.

if you're the kind of person who can handle battle-stuff kinda film, then this is the kinda film a must-see for you!. I must say, I rate 4.5 out of 5 for this!. They got good humor too. One more good thing, no nude scene, making love scene in this film, which makes the whole movie awesome. Because sometimes there are films yang not very considerate on people like me who appreciate the fighting scenes more than the love scenes.

not to mention, staring dia semua mmg lagendary punya... you got Arnold susa-mo-eja (Schwarzenegger) from The Terminator, Sylvester Stallone from Rambo & Rocky franchise, Bruce Willies from Die Hard franchise (Im a DIE HARD fan okeh.I watched them all.), apa lg..... Jet Li, oh and handsome Liam Hemsworth.. ( lucky you Miley Cyrus. huh! ), apa lgi.. oh... Jason Statham lagi from The Transporter franchise, Chuck Norris paling la...asal muncul mesti ada lagu..hahahaha... Terry Crews, which you know him from the White Chicks... Dolph Lundgren ( never heard haha), Randy Couture,... and they all were so cute together. hahaha. like in a cool cute.

I just love watching action-movies when all the actors were awesome. I'm hoping for The Expendables 3! oh please. I can't get enough of all the actions. WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! haha. ok nis. control. control. shuuusshh..

sepa xtgok mungkin rugi sikit. and besides, this is way more cooler than Twilight Saga. TRUE STORY.

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