Wednesday, September 12, 2012

boredom inspired =_=

I was supposed to go for a jog today. but I have no company, in time. haha. alasan! so, in order to fill up my free time, I play with my make-up! haha. bila lagi kan. bukan selalu minta puji begini. in real life, I just wear bb cream, and some powder jak. ( yes, bikos I have oily face, and unforgiven scars n pimples, i need coverage). tapi aku takmo tunjuk material aku sbb huduh. hahahaha. bare with me, Im about to siok sendiri. muahahahahahaah~


FLASHLESS : thank u very much lampu pendafloouuurr
by the way, the reason I keep looking down because the focus of the whole make-over was on the eyelids. using four shades of natural color, you can actually wear this to simple occasion. sorry la sebab muka GRABLE. Tapi this is my face that is a whole lot better after 3 weeks of using the scar serum I mention before. sebab muka aku oily type, so a little pimple here and there mmg normal. aku bukan supermodel ok. muka licin bak suteraa~~ muehehe. now I feel more confident walking out bare face. (no no, I wasn't pay for saying good things about the product. I'm telling u based on my experience)

so hey, I do not wear make-up all the time (sepa juga tahan kan). But if you do, always remember, "make-ups are beauty enhancer, not as your mask." because even with heavy make-up, Its the heart that determines you true beauty. :)


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Noraisyah N. said...

i like the make is a beauty enhancer, not a mask :-)
so true!