Monday, September 3, 2012

Fix those Scars.

I don't have the most beautiful skin in the world, so I never flatter about skin anyway. But hey. this is me, making an effort towards nice skin.

so, I have heard about this serum quite a while, in fact I have been using the same product, just different focus on face. so since my face are covered with acne scars, I try to fix it with these.

Garden of Eden : Scar Serum

sometimes good things come in small packages!

thats the date I bought it. haha.
So, its natural, and most importantly HALAL. I have set my eyes on this serum but since I was a little bit short in money so I held it for so long. buuttttt.... finally I bought it!

You can find these in Guardians. I tried Watsons, but they don't sell this. So if you would like to try out, look in Guardians or try look at the pharmacies. I bought this at pharmacy in KK because it is a lot cheaper in pharmacy than Guardian. Guardian would sell them for RM30++ (even with sale!) and shockingly, pharmacies have better price (RM27.90)

The serum was a little bit oily-felt but it doesn't clog your pores. Wear just a little drop, and massage around your scars. Insyallah scars would be a lot better. I have been wearing that for.........1 week I guess? and my face are a lot more softer now.scars are gradually reducing. tapi aku tertumpah separuh dr serum tu, so, I have to wear sikit2 now. menjimatkan duit..huhuhu. silly me. kenapala aku pi kasi tumpah....sudala mahal!. hadui.

so anyone wants to try out, give it a go. just make sure your skin is okay with the product first ( try apply on certain area first before put it on your entire face).

I might sounds like Michelle Phan, but...anyway....GOOD LUCK! :D

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anielurve said...

awww... lama sdh kepingin mau bali ne nis.... but ya...aiso duet...nice one...will try it soon...ohyeah natural vit e is so perfect for skin...