Sunday, September 2, 2012

raya haircut.

I'm not like some girls, who like to go for an expensive haircut. even 20 ringgit haircut would be too expensive for me. Sometimes I think I'd think like a guy. simple hair cut is enough, as long as you look decent to your eyes, and of course, nice clean cut. oh, and affordable too. so, the quest for cheap saloon was never an easy quest.

so few days after raya, I go for a haircut at Putatan, as I happen to be in Kepayan attending Fatin's open house. I remember there's a saloon at putatan that says they have "haircut for muslimah" and I go to give it a try. It was a combined shop. outside they sell mobile phones and stuff, and inside they have this saloon.

thats me! they have curtain and big mirrors for this section.muslimah section.

" haircut that requires curtain cost 10ringgit"

now, as my opinion, the entire shop was not actually built as muslimah's saloon because the only section that have curtain are the cutting area. (tempat potong rambut jak) if you need to wash your hair, you will have to walk out of the curtain area, because the washing area are outside the curtain. so basically, wasn't a genuine muslimah's shop after all. but however, I wouldn't blame the owner, probably they are not really understand how muslimah's aurat works. I give credit for them for trying :)

but if you'd like to try there, you can just ask me the direction :) insyallah I'll try to give you proper direction (because I am not good in giving direction). hehehehehe

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