Saturday, February 27, 2010

pointless.? :P

halu halu.....long tym no see...i havent wrote since.....a week?hahaha...i gotta tell ya, this week is a tough week....yep, result stpm da kuar...and...before that i was so DAMN nervous!.. tiba2 jak kuar awal..pelik kan...salu blan 3 ni ha kuar blan 2...beri2 salah timing, whats my result?? was just owkayy~~ i dont fail, but i dont get any A's...masih lulus lahh.....hmmm..okay jak...but i was kinda upset.... and frust. yala, maybe effort ak pun nda cukup kan.....

cian kat kwn2 aku,ada yg fail....( they give u F for fail....sooo obviously not helping at all ) and its hard for them.... im so sorry for you guys.... maybe usaha kita nda cukup ba utk dapat A or atleast pass.. dont give up kay!! im here to support....:).....

anyway., after getting my result, ak di ajak jalan oleh dua pihak, members from smesh n sanzac. huh... u know its hard to pick, and when i told my dad bout it, well, it doesn't make me any better..anyway, thnks a lot dad.
yadaa...yadaaa....malas nak ceta part tu, at the end aku kuar ngn both side..though i felt very miserable. sorry guys,.wish u all cud place urself in mine, then u know how it feels..

dad doesn't really talk much bout my result, cuz, u always do the talking...saying this, saying that...u know, its mom thingy~. hee hee.. yala, since im the one who always messed up in school.... always being the stubborn one. mintak puji one. my real talent are not on papers, but on other stuff like musics, but mostly arts..(accept martial arts! haha..NOT YET i guess) which for some adult they may think its such a waste..i like subjects.. i do...but i dont need to turn myself to some nerd or subject's freak.!

huhh..btw, i talked too much lah..hahaha..i think i might need to sleep...(tired of typing? hahahaha)
blah dlu~~

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Noraisyah N. said...

dont forget to apply anything here at KL and shah alam ah!!!