Monday, February 15, 2010

my poems....

when i was arranging my stuff in my room few hours ago...i found my old note book, which i used when im in boarding school.... hehe. i like keeping all of my note book, cuz each of them, i wrote a poem, quote and maybe some couraging words inside...only few frens could read, and few would understand it...
i love english...i always do....and i love expressing my thoughts with english, so, maybe thats why i keep writing my poems in english..
so,tadaaaa...!!!here's one, read this...hihi..

by : Hanis. :)
mom said...
vegetables are important,
i said..
sweets are unforgotten,
mom said...
eat vegetables everyday,
i said...
i cant live without sweets even in a hot day.
mom force to good thing,
while i force myself to bad.
there's something that mom has said,
that I'll never forget.
dear lovely son and daughter,
make your life become much more better.
take the good, leave the bad.
be happy always and never be sad.
teach you next generation the ability to be good.
then someday you'll realize,
the bad will lose...

hahahaha...simple but meaningful...tul tak??..hahaha. ms ni ak xterer lg wat2 poem ni...
eventhough my english got broken sometimesss......but who cares!! hahaha..but i manage to put this poem in majalah skolah SASILA, i cant remember which year....i've lost the book....huhuhu~~benci~~~
anyway,  i have loooottsss of poem in my note book, and i'll continue making them.......haha. chayok!! ;P

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