Sunday, February 14, 2010


yesterday was 14 feb, makne nyeee........HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! hahahaha....aku xsmbut la mende CNY ni..... kecuali di jemput, ada tu!!!.. da tua2 bangka mau lg kunun angpau, xmalu....hahahaha.. besides CNY, apa lg perayaan disambut kmarin??.. lucky guess?. its Valentine duhhh~~~..hahaha..sapa smbut?sapa smbut?....yg penting bukan aku larrrr~~
i know, valentine x spatutnya disambut ole mereka y beragama islam tue... but i was like wondering how does it looks like when celebrating this day..just wondering how...i dont like valentine....i really don' reminds me of my past, and how single i am now!!! hahahahahahaah~~ how love can be good and bad at the same time....kan?
but it also reminds me of people around me, people that i love n i care with all my heart and soul.... mum and dad....frens, siblings...hah, they can be really annoying sumtimes, but they are my family, something that i have to accept for the rest of my life... valentine too reminds me of my passion on arts, music, food,fashion, and anything that makes me feel happy by just being myself, anything that gives me calm, hope, will, strength so i move on with purpose in this pity little world...hihi...
i love my life, and there's nothing to be regret....every mistakes that i made is just another steps towards i believe every problem, is just another test for me so next tym, i'd be more carefull.
so if any of you tgh dilamun cinte ngn pakwe korg tu.....just have fun with what you have (tp berpada2 la aa..)..mmg best rasanya kalo disayangi n menyayangi...the best feeling ever...jeles aa.huhu..jg baik2 gf/bf kmu tuh, bukan sng nak bt org suka kat kita tau........
bt mereka2 yg single cam aku...hakhak!!...sda2 la promot diri tu anis oooiii~....there are sooo much things u can do besides menangisi ur previous relationship yg x berjaya tu....think bout it, kta ble la save bajet kan??kan?? hehehe...ashik2 dating, mengalir ja duit tu...menangis dompet cik kak, cik abang oi~~...len la korg kerabat yg byk duit smpi 7 keturunan pun x abis2...haha...
SOooo....just have fun with me, u wont regret anything!! XD

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