Friday, February 1, 2013

dean's list, baby!

syukur alhamdulillah kehadrat Ilahi kerana memberikan kegembiraan ini. I am beyond happiness when found out that my last semester I manage to nailed it to Dean's List.

this is the second time I got DL and the feeling is just overwhelming. Last semester was one of the hardest semester for me as I have to endure 6 subjects the entire semester. Usually I only took 4 Subjects but I realize that I am almost to my practical, then I have to finish everything soon.

mula2 bukak VOISS untuk cek keputusan mmg nervous jugak la.. tapi dalam hati sangat yakin bahawa result itu pasti menggembirakan sbb memang aku da buat sedaya upaya untuk finish semester 7.

anyway, I would like to thank everyone and everything that had helped me achieve this. I hope I can continue this until the end of my year as student.

ps- I wasn't intended to brag. I want to inspire. :)

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Lord of Awesomeness said...

wah! tahniah! tahniah!

(tak penah dapat DL, sobs~)