Thursday, December 20, 2012

busy babe :P


sorry I've been busy lately, barely post something here. assignments require a lot of sacrifices you know. and time is one of it.

Lately around december, there have been ups and down to the chapters of this cubby-cute-awesome girl. (me laa! who else). I've earned so many friendships this semester, and I hope those relation would last. big project for this month was producing a theater of Midsummer's Night Dream by William Shakespeare which mostly took me to stay at campus and came home late. In the same week too where I have to do my job as a narrator, of Drama Club's performance that performed at the same day the theater should be presented.

can u imagine me running between two practices? both do practices at the same time, and I have to run through stairs to make it to both practices!!! kurus aku gilak!

at the end. everything went smooth and I AM SO RELIEVE!

It was such a beautiful and awesome masterpiece from us, although a bit kacau bilau, berantakan, still, we have fun. and that's all matters :)

two script to read!

GETEKS members! hahaha.
I dont have pictures for the Drama Club's practices, maybe because they were not as cam-whore's as the theater's crew? hahahaha. maybe. just maybe.

anywaaaayy... exam is around the corner, and so Christmas too. I would like to wish friends and family that celebrates Christmas a happy holiday! kawan2 unitar jan lupa stadi. exam aku start 31 december!!! argghhhh!

### missing my kuek. how are you kuek?

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