Sunday, October 7, 2012

5 consecutive year

FIVE; is quite a long journey when you're talking about years, decades, or even millennium. It is you that's actually decide whether the number FIVE is a short term or a long term for you.

Five consecutive year, wah. macam iklan kereta kan? macam kereta. lima tahun kira jangka masa terbaik utk buktikan syarikat tersebut layak digelar pengeluar kereta berkualiti ataupun tidak. tapi kalo dapat anugerah tiap2 tahun kira berkualiti la kan?

Five consecutive year. I have dedicated my life to my family, friends, studies, and of course myself, in those 5 years and I have been grateful enough to Allah for giving me the best 5 years with my family, studies, friends and myself. I feel more closer to family, communicating well with friends, succeed in studies and lots of time with myself.. Although those 5 years have been great for me, there is always a missing piece. Whether the missing piece can be found or not, only time will tell. but i hope it doesn't interrupt my wonderful moment with my current life now :)

here's to five more happy years!

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