Wednesday, April 11, 2012

run baby run

kk city run 2012!!
now, why would you run and try to slim down the whole time, but missed the running events held by some particular company?? 

I have been working on figuring how to shed this big thick layer of lemak inside me the past few months, and as usual, never worked. of course, loosing a few kilos but then again, too happy about it, I found my self munching over food, and then without realizing, that I have already add 3 more kilos in my weight. diet plan konon. dui. hancur gila. so the past few weeks ago, beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu held some KK City Run program they called it, to celebrate the 12th year of Kota Kinabalu get the title of Bandaraya. well, there were 2 kategories, run for fun, and run for win. 

Me and abel of course ( geng diet haha ) join the run for fun of course, sebab free.. ehek ehek. so if we run 4km within 1 hour, we qualified ourselves to receive a certificate like those above. well obviously, we managed to run for 45 minutes approximately and get the certificate as well as the cabutan bertuah chance but never got lucky to win any.....haishh... 

quarter half to finishing line =.=
but anyway, the run was indeed fun!. me and abel get the chance to prove that our jogs and sweats worth the experience! 

salma salma mentor and sabhi saddi!
but I feel sorry to abel, I have to dragged her all till tengahari semata-mata mo tgok sabhi saddi beraksi okeh. kalo korang x kenal Sabhi Saddi tu sepa, pandai2 la korg Google ka, search ka, malas aku mo ceta panjang. All I say is he is new comers in music industry. Tapi aku memang obses mengikuti perkembangan dia, and I love all his songs. Plus, he is one awesome good looking guy! jadi, he's my type. HEK HEK HEK. *wah wah wah niss....* kalo teda RELA jaga depan tu mmg suda aku lari naik pentas! hahaha. astaga. melampau. 

okeh deh. thats all from me. next run this sunday! can't wait!! 

#maypeacebeuponyou :)

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