Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a man with ego.

a man with ego are like plenty woods tied up together. 
It is hard for you to break it apart unless you know the trick.
man without ego are nothing but a vulnerable stick. fragile.
of course, sometimes a man that stands up so strong with their ego could get on our nerves,
even i couldn't stand with such attitude. 
so why bother with simple problem when you can just ignore it?
EGO is another ways of man to show his power, to let everyone know that
you could never look down on them, and to be real man; as they believe.
It can sometimes be good, and sometimes can be very annoying.
I've met someone that is annoyingly ego, and always boils my blood.

so how do we deal with such person?
okay, i might not the expert on these things, but it sure helps me a lot. 
1st step : stop talking.
ego usually appeals in a conversation or an arguments between two person or more. the guy may start talking nonsense, you try to fix the details, and he insist with his words and refuse your addition towards the topic. so what to do? stop talking. let him do all the talk. just listen and nod. don't talk. look into the eye, focus bebeh, focus. its kinda annoying to him, but its fun to you. :) HEHE.
2nd step : switch to another topic.
when things are getting so stressful, why don't switch topics. get a distraction with anything, 
ask weird-silly-stupido questions
 like " are you wearing underwear? "....
" are you gay?"....
i bet that will shut him down. . ;P hahahaha
but if this isn't working, proceed to step 3!
ok,this is the most simplest tips,
3rd step : walk away
make a reason to walk away from him.
like quick decision.! 
" i need to get my brother " (even you don't even have brother ) 
" i need to go birak, are you coming? "......
or any reason that you can think of.
but if he still be around you, girl, think hard!!! come on...
think of strong question!
by the way, you see,
by doing this, not only you could cool down your emotion, but get some fresh air too...

so that is all the tips i could give. 
well, don't blame entirely on a man for having such terrible ego,
just blame them for not having good control of their ego. 
hey, you have ego too!. i know i do.
you know....human.....flaws....its like twin sister, related to each other.

have fun!

picture courtesy : Google.


Azhier Farhan said...

haha aku mcm tu ka nis? haha

Lady Ariefha said...

hahaha. tidak lahhh~