Friday, December 31, 2010

au revoir 2010~~

haaaahhhh~~ so, this is my last post for 2010~~!! can't believe huh...we're going to enter 2011..hehehe.
there have been sooOOo much memories in 2o1o...pain....happy... life sometimes can be a mess, yet it falls back to pieces, then everything seems right again.
to be honest, i have plenty of memories in 2o1o, that some i can remember, barely remember, then there are some i can't even remember at all! hahaha. 
so, this few minutes before the end of 2o1o, i would say...


may we all will have lots of happiness and success in future,
become more grateful with our life,
appreciate on what we have
maybe get a little more richer ( <--- oh God, please help me with this!!!)
and live life to the fullest....

happy fun-cherish-funky new year! 

cawcincau hawliayaw~~

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