Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i like to merapu.

i didn't mean to harm you,
or to do any bad things to you.
i just want to know you better,
would you let me?

you see, 
i saw you the other day,
standing a few feet away,
talking and laughing to someone you knew,
i saw your smile,
which i love to stare.
and suddenly you look in front,
i quickly look away.

i laid on my bed that night,
try to keep my eyes close.
but all i can think of you,
and you were the only one in my mind.
i thought that was just nothing
and i could just leave it behind,
but hey,
i think,
this could probably be a sign.

so i examine my heart
and do some operation.
well, like a lost puppy,
i found no direction.
it could be because
i have been alone for a long time,
or maybe, 
awaken by the bell's chime.

so listen,
don't be afraid or call the police,
my intentions are good,
and i come in peace.
i just trying to get to know you better,
try to learn you more,
i hope you would understand 
and don't just run and go.
although my approach might be creepy,
or so lame like kayu, haha..
so to be clear,
i am not a stalker,
i am just so into you ... 


*this is what happen when too much expression cannot be said.  so making a poem is one of the answer of letting out the 'thing'....*


Ajer said...

buat lagu ni best ni nis..mcm taylor swift haha

Lady Ariefha said...

em..this is happen to be my confession...hhahahahaha

Ajer said...

yup i can see that. people would love the honourable truth that u speak. its the reality and the most common layman's feeling over someone she loves.