Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am merapu,.

sorry bloggy i didn't informed you about my holiday. yep! I'm on holiday now. haha. finally have my best relax ever. I have been 2 different location ever since ( beside home lah kan..) which is camping at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau and trip to Labuan recently. well, its a lot of fun!. but after my camping at kudat, aku diserang gatal2 yang amat sangat melampau2, then my whole body merah2, and itchy, and now it turn worse with horrified scars.., it was fun.! mandi tepi pantai dengan hujan lebat. hahaha. after the i heard the lightning baru mau naik darat. hehe. shiuk waa.
my trip to Labuan was not actually planned. it was a trip to my grandparents, but then i decided to follow. hehehe. saja menyibuk... hey, i use my own money tau!!. but after that trip too i get flue. uhuuu. the hot n cold weather at labuan make me that sick!! pastu segala2 nya lash curler, my comb, and paling nda bley di maafkan la ni... my face cleanser.!? bule2 lupa pencuci muka. sandi.... however, i manage to handle that. haha. it wont happen again!!

aaahh.. feels good to be home again..... tp boring pla....jom tgok wayang? nak?? hehehe

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