Tuesday, October 19, 2010

when this hearts falls for the wrong person

please heart, please tell me that you don't love him and you would only care him in a friendship way.
tell me, that you know you could never have him because you don't wanna see any girl's frustration to be your blame and to feel guilty in love.
tell me that you would never want any of your friends look back on you
rather than be on your side to support and share and
tell me my heart, your feelings is just a fake and you never intend to have any relationship with him other than friendship....

but please,don't tell me my heart,that you deeply care for this man and would do anything to make him safe and comfortable.
don't tell me that your love grew everyday even though you try to break it down to pieces.
please don't tell me that you have been waiting for his call,and other ways to get over him and never fail to get in touch.
don't tell me that you miss his warm smile that is always soothe your aching heart right now.

heart, i know you've been hurt before so many times and i don't want to repeat the same mistakes to you.
as much as you don't want to hurt this time, yet, you keep loving the wrong person all over again.
so i beg you heart, stop loving him for your own good, and let the feelings you had for him buried underneath your loyal grounds of friendships.
tell me heart, that you would sacrifice one wish that you always want to have just to keep everything under control and seems right.....
 tell me heart you would do that for me, as i always counted on you and always beats along with you in every second....
tell me that you will keep holding on through this mess because i know you will make it through............

your soul~

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