Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i like music!!!!

i like MUSIC so much, but u can't call me musician yet...on the way lar, but not yet.
i can play instrumentS, but, not that HEBAT aaa...hihi..
btw, music is harder than i thought!!
after piano lesson today, aku da mula pening melihat note2 muzik,
and nearly gave up!..
but i had this determination in my head that says :-
"come on nis!!! budak2 pun ble main, xkan u nak kalah kott!!??!anis u can do it!!"
so then i think after this i will tried my very best to memorize all the note since memorizing are the biggest problem for me!!!.... and play with good techniques.!
chayok2 anis!!!! >.<

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