Sunday, August 23, 2009

- him -

there is something,
that some people just dont understand....
they dont understand how we felt about it.
how i felt about it...

there are things that keep going in my mind,
that i tried to erase it so many times,
it went away not too long then came back in seconds.
it is a matter of heart; feelings...
that makes me think, people dont usually be very concern about it
when it came out in a conversation.
cuz, all questions that came out from those matters,
the answers are so hard to find..

this matters too,
that can keep me messing up with my own thought...
my own opinion, and sometimes, my own words..
the weakest part of me,
yet i never fail to be part of it..

i dont dare to call it Love,
cuz i never felt how does it feel,
to be love somebody so deep...
but it seems that everything leads to it..
and it feels like it too..
yeah, seems like it....
but, i let this things to GOD
he knows better than i do.
so, i let HIM to decide whats best for me...
but in the same time, i pray for the wish that i wish for..
the wish between me and HIM.....

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