Thursday, July 9, 2009

the cold day~

its raining today...this evening... urgh! so cold! at this moment, mr. sweater is sooo important!hahaha...sejuk beb...mana tahan..but, i always love the rain...i love it very much!

oh im getting up really late!! so , i didnt make it to school bcus it was too late! jalan dkt tg aru tym2 tu msty jam and ak mesti lambat giler masuk skola! its was pretty awkward this morning sbb lama da x cuti...i mean, nda p, pagi2 ku terasa kusung sekali~salu ak d kelas...smbil ketawa2...hahaha...wat a day~~

so today, i made sambal mangga!!! yum3!ada reques dr kawan2..soo

bertungkus lumus la aku tadi...hehehehe...shedap jugak ne makan..hahaha.. sempat rasa luk sblum abis d kebas..haha.

this past few weeks, i tried my very best to learn how to play guitar!! ngee~ and i manage to play 2 songs already! hahaha...but i can only play songs using major chords...not the minor.. its kinda tough to play that minor chords and hard to memorise too. these 2 songs are -selalu mengalah by seventeen- and -i miss you by miley cyrus-...well, i can't play good enough. i still have problems on switching the chords *since my little hand cannot handle the big guitar~* but i try my best! and im proud with it! within 3 days, i manage to memorise all the minor chords! dad did mention to me this morning that he want to send me to piano classes! hmm...ok jer....mana2 aja..

suddenly, i misses someone~~ ngeee~~~


☂♥me♥☂ said...

i miss someone???
sapala tu ahhhh....haha..


Lady Ariefha said...

mija, A bukan nma sebenar..ngee~