Sunday, April 5, 2009

the perfect guy..

i've been searching for a guy,
maybe somewhere around the street,
his hair was coloured in dark,
and smile are as good as sweets..
he's the guy i've been looking for,
tall and not too skinny,
for his eyes are deep and dazling,
so i'll ensure that he cares for me ;)
i wish he could look damn good looking!
and i 'll be glad, plus wont get boring.(:
determination shall stay in his will,
without ignoring what i feel.
his heart are white as the pearl in the sea,
and his touch keeps me warm and peace.
protect me with his strong barrier,
and to be with him i'll be sure,
that fear wont get near..
but 'the brain' i should not be forgetting,
for it is more important than everything,
and from good brain he knows what to think,
be smart,and act accordingly...

let the guy as good as the season..

like summer - warm and encouraging,

like spring - welcoming and wonderful,

like the autumn - nice and soothing,

and winter - entertaining and fun..

for i wish for a perfect guy in my life,
i am then turning myself to be one too.
i know it sounds impossible,
but i believe i can and yes i do.
and let say he's somewhere or around you,
sure to tell him that
" i'm waiting for you...^^"..


ps-sorry for the grammar mistakes.. T-T
keja orang boring..
mari kita berkasih sayang....i loff youuu~~

1 comment:

Ajer said...

orangnya mcm aku jak anis....hahaha
boleh ambik borang langganan di rumah aku....wakaka