Wednesday, December 5, 2012

happiness did not last long.

hello dearest reader, (if there's any).

remember how I tell you about my start in December was quite well? turn out to be that was just for temporary. although, I realize it now, that, nothing last forever. Including the happiness I get.

at some point, I was carried away with my feelings, and I thought everything was happening was on me. I forgot that I wasn't the only girl living in this world. and I forget about my Mr. Kuek.

Don't get me wrong, Mr Kuek was the only reason I'm holding my faith for guys. I'm at the point where I'm about to give up to my relationship's stage, and assuming no guys would ever found me attractive. Im keeping him as a distraction for my wounded heart. and yes, I forgive those who make this heart broken, but I could never heal the scars. not even with Bio-Oil okay.

However, I do feel grateful for those hardship I went through, although it was an unpleasant one, at least it makes me realize, there are other things I'm grateful of like my family and my awesome friends. they are the one I should be happy for. they keep me alive and motivated, they make me feel I'm that awesome girl again. yeah nis. you should be grateful to that.

Im grateful enough to have friends like them.

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