Sunday, December 2, 2012

back to december

hello December, we meet again!

I miss my blog, so I decided to make a short stop by here. ala mcm kalo ko berjalan long distance, ni kira stop by dekat RnR la ni.

my december actually started off quite well. on the first day if december i get to spend time with friends and family. but the i started it of quite shaky actually, with a microteaching assessment. I was doing so bad, because I was in a hurry and I was so nervous, I couldn't think straight. but later that afternoon, I get the chance to spend time with my good friends eyda, and another good-friends-to-be Mr. Kay. we watched the Lagenda Budak Setan - Katerina together and have fun mocking the actors. hahaha. this was actually my first time hanging out with mr Kay, so its quite awkward, but we shed that right away, and things become normal again. fuhh.

to be frank, I am grateful that this week, early of december,  Allah have given me chances to meet the guys I have been eyed on. my mr. kachak, he is a friend, and I have chances to see and read him closely. although, that doesn't mean that i cannot act professionally when it comes to doing the assignments. mr kachak is a good friend to have, and I know that after seeing him yesterday. I am grateful enough to know, that technically we are friends now. He really is a good friend. and so does mr kay. he's sweet and nice.

the only chances I havent got is meeting mr kuek2, my biggest biggest crush. hahaha. who knows, maybe after this? yess!

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