Wednesday, July 11, 2012


ini plan tengok wayang bukan dirancang dengan baiknya. pada asalnya aku and abel mo pi tengok Abraham Lincoln, sebab dua2 pun belum tgok. but, suddenly rezeki datang, alhamdulillah, thanks to my buddy Nazreenshah me'nyespen' aku and abel tgok SPIDERMAN!!! hahaha (sebab aku ugut dia...ngeeehehehe) so here it goes.....!! (aku mo update sebelum aku lupa...)

before this, we all watch that SPIDERMAN yang watak abang Peter Parker kita di pegang oleh lagendary Tobey Mcguire. In this, the whole casting are completely changed, and in this story, Peter was not a reporter. This version tells more about Peter as a high school handsome-cute-adorable student. hehehe. he is adorable!!! omaigosh....

Peter Parker AKA Spiderman di mainkan oleh cute Andrew Garfield., and watak Gwen Stacy (no no no....not Mary Jane) dimainkan oleh gorgeous Emma Stone. When they pick Emma Stone, I knew I will watch this movie. She is my favorite!

You know, I'm a sucker at movies that have great CGI, I mean effects. I watched Transformer, any epic movies like Clash of the Titans, those with awesome movies effects. except animation, that one prooobably a little less than my love to CGI. and yes, Spiderman does have that sort of 'magic', if you know what I mean :)

Now, how the story goes? basically, the plot are the same, except that they deliver it with different person, sure it felt different, isn't it? being bitten by spider, get power, fight evil, just the same... but, perhaps with different actor, you would like to see, whether that adorable Andrew can carry the heavy load of people perspective on "Peter Parker"'s character. and to me, he did carry that character well, and his chemistry with Emma was.....natural! They played their role very well...very very well...!

so my rank to this movie? I give 4/5.... yeah..... Andrew scores the most,. heheheheh.
go watch! THEY'RE AWESOME! It is truely The AMAZING SPIDERMAN...!

*muah muah you andrew...hehehehehe*

Spiderman doesn't need Avengers..... He's awesome by himself :)

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