Tuesday, June 12, 2012

let it rain over me.

Today seems to be the day, where I woke up early and go for a jog in the morning. BUT, nope. that doesn't happen! ha ha ha. yeah. I'm too lazy to wake up cuz I slept late last night. and the weather kinda rainy, well,  I just assume its raining outside, since it was cold, and I was curling up with my blanket on the bed. hehe.

yeah. Its raining outside. If I go for a jog this morning, I'll be spilling water instead of sweating out those bad toxins out of my body. hahaha. so, the plan cancelled.

The rain was heavy, and cold, and scary too!. the wind blow so fast, I think I might need an anchor standing outside in such weather. seriously. and somehow, before the rain falls, some awesome views of the clouds can be seen throughout my city, Kota Kinabalu Sabah, and the whole affected area in Sabah. here some pics I got from the BOOK OF FACES :

location : if im not mistaken, tuaran. IF IM NOT MISTAKEN OKEH

location (left) ntah, i dunno (right) api api centre

penampang district

now, this phenomena have bring curiosity among citizens of Sabah, since its rarely happened, and awesomely happened, so some sources try to give proof that this is something common and it is written in wikipedia. haha. yeah guys, not some battle between Avengers team and Loki or Thor trying hard to get his hammer back. hahaha. 

it is called the Arcus cloud phenomenon, and just google it,.you'll find it. :)

Its kinda scary too, by the looks of the clouds, then everyone started to say it is the end of the world. well, I say it is not impossible, but somehow show me, that Allah swt is Almighty and anything could happen if Allah wants it. 
this is another proof that earth is awesome. we better start take care of the nature! 
starts now!

picture courtesy : BOOK OF FACES.

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anielurve said...

ok fine..then now i know!!!..heheheh