Friday, June 22, 2012

Euro 2012

maybe I am too late to call it football fever, but let me be honest, 
I am the kind of girl who doesn't watch football, soccer, or whatever it is involving a group of men chasing over 1 ball. 


they were chasing me.. then I'll be interested. *wink2*
hek hek hek. getek betul ko ni nis.

so, okay. since euro start pun aku xpenah tgok satu pun perlawanan, but....BUT... I am taking a peep on the scores. so far, I'm rooting for Germany, and they have been the best so far. belum menghampakan la. 

aside from having a lot of 'eye-candy' player in the team, hihi, they have shown strength in their games. Plus, they have the coolest jersey color years back (black jersey, which I can wear!!). I'm so happy they beat Greece last night by 4-2.

so yah,.memang aku nda tengok bola and all that, but I don't hate those who loves to watch them. aku suka fikir yang lelaki suka tengok bola or main game sama macam perempuan yang suka berhias and shopping. we all love to indulge on something that makes us happy. aku ndak tau sepa bakal menang dalam Euro kali ni, sebab mmg aku nda pandai predict sepa. like I said, aku macam noob la kalo bab2 bola sepak ni. tapi kalo German menang, aku blanja diri sendiri makan kepsi, adil? hehehehe


ich lebe dich mr itik!! (teda kaitan)

see ya!

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anielurve said...

aku pokus yg ( teda kaitan) jak