Wednesday, June 27, 2012

am I a good friend?

I don't think I'm a good friend. I suck at listening, because I am more to talking. hehe. nasib mulut ada satu kan? haha. However, I am feeling so blessed that I have circles of friend that enjoys my company, willing to listen to my annoying crush stories, because I can be perasan sendiri when I like someone, and become a creepy stalker. like seriously. SERIOUSLY serious stalker.

Now, how do you know when you have good friends around you? I don't actually know specifically how, but you can feel the vibe. It's either negative or positive. And sometimes, friends are not really the one you should be hanging on to, neither do family. Its YOURSELF that you should be hanging on to. If you can't even pleased your own heart, then why expect others to pleased you?

After 20 years (and above..hehe) living, I thought, now I know how to pick a good friend, how to rely on trust-worthy friend, and how to keep a secret. I have experienced down turn in friendship when everything suddenly falls apart, and that is the point where I can judge myself, judge my own decision whether the friendship lane you have step on, is the right lane or not.

and really, finding a good friend wasn't so difficult after all. The prove is all right in front of you. Whether you see it, decided not to see it, or you didn't see anything at all. :)

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anielurve said...

hot juga tuh this the one you so excited telling me to cek ur bloggie?..boogie bloggie...oya termerepek jap...huahuahua.....timas nis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3