Wednesday, July 6, 2011

across the south china sea.

long days without blogging, haha i miss blogger so much! sorry for the excuses of not updating the post. yah, saya memang pemalas sikit. hehehe. (sikit??) so this is going to be a loooooong post, good luck catching up. muahahaha~ ~

so, dipendekkan cerita yang panjang berjela., last June i went a trip to Kuala Lumpur to meet my BEST FREN FOREVER AND EVER AND FOR LIFE (BFFAEAFL)hahahaha. her sister was getting married, and i was invited. it does sounds weird kan? i came all the way from sabah to along's wedding. hahaha. kan? to me, it was a super crazy decision. first time wei travel sorang-sorang. hehe. anyway, i make it through! lucky me!  ;)

so less talk, let see some pics!!!

high up in the sky by AirAsia :)
it was a cloudy day, and the flight was a bit shakey than usual. anyway, it was great.

aku sampai ja aisyah bawa aku gi Pullman, Putrajaya. 
i like the view actually, only feel awkward when pictures taken by si Kebab ko tu syah...hoho~ (and got some headache after the flight....)

driver of the day... ya, gambar mmg sengaja di blur kan supaya menyukarkan pengecaman. muahaha.

after pullman, we head to alamanda (forgot to take pics) to meet with aisya's sis and have some dinner. walk2 sekejap, then head back to UNITEN.
the next mornin, (friday) we head to Midvalley with along to wander2 around (teda pic sori, im not a photographer.hihi ) and had to go back to Uniten by noon sbb aisya ada test. saya balik naik train. (penegasan)  first time bebeh. try to look cool for first timer. hak hak hak

try to hide our greasy faacee! thengkiu nikon for the nice shot!
kemudian selepas aisyah abis test, we head to shah alam!! wee! we were picked up by the next-top-bakal-raja-sehari aka abang esah and head to ruma aisya...

alaa... syg, lupa pla aku amik gmbr ngn mum n dad aisya. oh well, like i said, im not a photographer...kikiki~~ so don't complaint!!!  

this is at 'HOTEL DE ART' not far from aisyah's home. see the bed where i slept, coool yaaww. favret kaler nih!. menjadi sakai selama beberapa jam dengan kesantikan wallpaper n amazing deco inside. i will post some updates to my new blog, cekedaut later! :)

sakai taim~~~ hehehe.

so, the next morning, bangun awal sikit to go to dewan MSU, like checking up what's going on.. kinda like rehearsal tapi aku ni ikut2 ja. haha.

 breakfast at Hailam Kopitiam --i like the teh tarik, so kaw2 !!--

 waiting to be picked up. begambar lah duluk~~
so this is where i slept last night. small hotel, but pretty cool deco! lupa aku mo amik gmbr hu

after dewan MSU, next stop, taking train to SUBANG AVENUE. next to subang parade. main rulahh kustah kunu.

wajah sebelum jatuh kedebuk eksiden dgn tiang. ya... ya... ktawa...ktawa....ktawa puas2.
 nda paya aku tunjuk muka tgh skate. hodoh suma.

this is at sunway pyramid, after subang avenue, we went here to susik2 matak n suping. then, home. haha.
the night before wedding, everyone is busy preparing things, aisya preparing her video, and me, entertaining myself and tolong kurik2 kerupuk masuk dlm bekas. sa tau, sa bukan pekerja-of-the-month.... ndak pa, sa cuba jadi next year. muaha.

okay, the wedding!!! its sunday 26th june, located at MSU hall, noon. 
i met my frens that aisya invite during the wed, so since aisya sibuk wandering around, i entertained them with my lame stories and gossips!! ha ha

from right : kalashini, aku yang gemuk, aslam, pijan. and there's one more pullah, but not in pics.
howt ladies : we're available! hahahaha.

 siok sendiri di dressing room. hahaha.

 wanna marry me?

the wedding : was great and pretty, most important, simple. simple is good! and along look extra-extra pretty. if you wanna check out along's look, feel free to click aisyah's blog for more. after wedding, xdpt balik uniten bcos its late oredi, we went to along's house at putrajaya, and the next morning, head back uniten. aku rasa lucu, sbb aku tidur banyak tempat. ha ha ha.

next day,monday, were the day i go back to sabah, so after test that morning, aisyah took me to Masjid India, i think...lupa aku. and shop, shop, shop. that evening rush and head to KLIA as my flight is at 7pm and need to be there by 6. too bad, i didn't have pics for the departure, the only pics i have is when im inside the gate.  huuu. xpa, you don't have to see me holding my tears, hodoh beno...

so, i figured out *few months ago when decided to buy the tickets*, after the rush, sweat and tiredness, not to forget wonderful moments i had along my trip, i decided to wrap it up with a nice, simple, sunset-looking and comfortable flight with Firefly
my first time in firefly, and i was glad it does not disappoint me.
SO, a warm goodbye from KLIA as the sun sets down, last view of Kuala Lumpur from above, and i head my way back home.
thank you firefly airlines :)
me! :)


amalina rashid said...

mcm iklan firefly suda nie. heheh.:P

next trip to KL: syawal kan nis? kan?? hiks~

Noraisyah N. said...

i love the marry me pics!! HAHAHAHA...
i hope to see u sooooon my BFFAEAFL!!
i missed u alot everytime this room is empty..well, i miss si kebab first and then u because it seems weird to miss u first and then kebab because peoples gonna think im lesbo or something..u knooooow~~


cik.arifah. said...

kiki : im just happy to be aboard on firefly :P. hihi. well if you sponsor tiket and place to stay, of cos i will go! hahahahahaha. no money no talk bebeh~~

aisyah : haha aku pun suka pic tu. im so uugglehh there. tp smat plak. haha. miss you too!!!!