Sunday, February 6, 2011

its the ennnddd!!

ahh.. holidays finally come to its end. sedih nya. huhuhu....ahh, yep, lupa pla mau wish 
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! yippeee!!!... i hope that was not too late. hehehe. so, enjoy ka cuti kamurang? mine was,...emm.. OKAY,.. about 70/30. hahaha. where's that 30 percent come from?? the boring ness i have to face the whole holidays.. hahahaha.but i have great start in february! i get a chance to meet my long lost friends hehe. so we gather around to have some pretty much fancy dinner at Burger King. well, i don't have the pics here to show it..hmm, maybe later? okay...later. :)

so this chinese new year have been the great thing so far. since I am a little mix of Chinese from my father; which i know, those who already did saw my father would not believe it, but trust me, i am half chinese. hehehehe. its just my father a little bit darker from what original chinese should look like! ;D hahaha. but it doesn't matter~~who cares anyway??? if you see me too, you would not think I'm partially chinese. even ajer thought im a negeri sembilan's. (and i laugh hard!.seriously.) but anyway, i don't really practice sorts of chinese believes in our family. we just have that gathering at my kampung, eat, laugh, sleep. hahahaha. which makes me think that i gain few kilo's this holidays. 
next, i get to attend some kenduri kawin....adoi na.... makan lagi.... mimang berat la suda saya ni,. kompem!
so tomorrow is gonna be a new day at college. wish for all the best for all you and most importantly.....ME!! ;P
have a wonderful day!

peace be upon u :)

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Ajer said...

despite in doubts the chinese blood in you, but ive no qualms to believe u r from negri anyways! ahahahaha

im happy seeing u too, nis. :) i've good start for this chinese new year and definitely good year ahead, perhaps :)). happy prosperity hanis..