Thursday, February 17, 2011

the day just gettin better. :)

i thought today was just another boring day, where i usually go to class and feel sleepy. hahaha. (kadang2 jaaa ) still trying hard to open my eyes that begging to shut during lecturers...haha. i thought it was just ordinary, but you know, it turns out to be the great day! i guess God finally answers my pray....hehe. just guessing la. manala aku tau... haha. so i wont be getting mad to anyone today cuz im feeling happy :). mabok sda aku dari kemarin. mabuk mabuk. ;P

ps : the disorientation cause by the continuously explosion of the firework around me and i can't hardly hear my self speaking.
anyway, to chinese people......HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH :)

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