Tuesday, January 25, 2011

how to deal with break

tadaa!! hah, after i watched some movies today; that has nothing to do with break-ups,!hehe, then i came out with this idea, "why don't i blog for break ups today? " well, in my opinion here we are!!. hehe :)
Most of you probably have already experiencing break up before. alright, maybe some have not yet. hehe, but...most of us did....well...i did.. :D. so, dealing with break ups can be pretty much a mess! you cannot eat, sleep, go to toilet, go to bath and you've been wearing the same cloth for three days! (or maybe a week!!) . eww~ and some might loose some weight (haha, good for you!) or cry too much that people might get mistaken you with a panda!haha.. aiyooo. what to do?? so here are some list that might help you, maybe a little, in dealing with BREAK UP! :)

#1 : CRY ME A RIVER...
just cry it out loud if it makes you feel better.! well, not too loud okay... for guys, if necessary, there's no law that said man shouldn't cry, isn't it? hehe. so cry it out loud. cry makes you feel better and it release the tense in your head, heart and anything that hurts. if you don't cry, no one will notice you've been hurt, and no one there to comfort you. I have no scientific evidence to proof you about crying, but all i know it feels gooooooddd after that! trust me! :) 

if its a good friend, it is always a must to tell your friend about your 'considered' problem. no matter how small it is or how huge your problem is, always look for a good, trustful, good listener, and loyal friend. You don't want to see your problem spread across the web on other people status, right? it would makes you really,really,really annoyed. so the key is, to look for a very trustful friend to share this problem. good friends always make you feel better and support you no matter how. but remember to return the favor.! always remember that!.

#3 : PAPER, PEN, GO!
okay, so you are not the type of person who tells everything to others, cry it like a baby which probably you think it makes you look not so cool, try this method! find a paper, or maybe you have a journal.? write down everything you feel, your hopes, or anything that you want to write! you don't have to hide the person's name because "its just u and me, paper!". (but if you do it in blogs, make it anonymous. you don't really want to start a fire). writing on a paper are just between u and paper. no more than that. after that is up to u, either to toss the paper away, or keep it in secret place so that few years later, you can laugh on how funny you write when you get upset. hehe. 

keeping any living things inside your house or your room is another therapy for you so that you can get distract from your problem. well, basically, living things such as PETS and PLANTS, would need a lot of attention from you to keep them alive. from what i heard, cat's fur could relieve tense by brushing the fur with your hands. but, if you're allergic to fur, or having asthma, you can always have the plants! :). by planting some plants, flowers for example, that need extra attention thus distracting your mind from thinking of committing suicide!! huhu~ i heard water good for your tense too! so try soaking in a bath tub full of warm or cold choose!

break up means you are about to move to a new relationships!. remove everything that reminds you with your ex such as sound, color, or smell! clean your house so you'll be ready to start a new chapter in your life. maybe you don't need your ex's gift anymore, so give all the items back to your ex so that you would feel a little bit free. but, if your ex refuse to accept all the item back, why don't you sell it or give it away to poor people.?? if you sell it, that will gain you a little bit of money, maybe half of the money you spend to your ex! or, if that don't make you feel any better, give it to poor people. they always need something that looks new. just make sure your ex really don't need it anymore. :)

if you haven't watch forrest gump's movie, well you should, mann.. this forrest guy can run miles and miles and miles! haha. but the point is, to be ACTIVE! always make your days, hours, minutes and seconds busy with beneficial things. anything that you can think of, that brings good to you. or even try out something new but good, like rock climbing or learning scuba! or try riding a horse, or go wash your laundry. again, this will distract you to problem that you are facing, plus, accomplish one of your '30 things i want to do before i die'..:)

just let go of the past, and create more great relationships in future. maybe your ex is not the one for you, for some reason that you don't see. there's plenty more out there waiting for you to explore. don't blame anyone for what just happen. most important, always feel good about yourself and be okay. take it positive! who knows, maybe you will find another hotter! sexier! superb pairs in future? right? so, if you don't let go, you will miss of meeting more good people in future. 

always remember to God that all things happen within God's will. always remember to pray for peace and serenity to God, as God will lead you to it. in a proper way okay!. :)

so.....wooooww...thats a long list! hahaha. i couldn't make it to 10 because i am so tired and i dont know what else to write. hehehe. so, thats all from me! i hope this could ggive some help to those who are having break up. DON'T TRY ANYTHING ILLEGAL TO HUMAN LAW okay, like black magic, suicide and stuff.... bad things always lead you to bad ends. you dont want that, dont you? 

so have fun and be happy, not everything in life as bad as you look.! 

have a great day! 

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