Friday, May 7, 2010

org paling hebat d dunia!

who should i give my love to?
my respect and my honour too
who should i pay goodmind to?
after Allah and Rasulullah...

comes your mother,
who next? you mother..
who next? your mother...
and then you father...

cause who used to hold you, and clean you, and cloth you?
who used to feed you, and always be with you?
when you're sick, stay up all night,
holding you tight...
that is why no MOTHER...

who should i take good care of, giving all my love?
who should i think the most of after Allah, and Rasulullah..

comes your mother,
who next? your mother...
who next? you mother...
and then you father..

cause who used to hear you before you could talk?
who used to hold you before you could walk?
and when you fell, who picked you up?
clean your clothes,
no one but your MOTHER

who should i stay wide close to, listen most to,
never say 'no' to, after Allah and Rasulullah..

comes your mother
who next? your mother,
who next? your mother..
and then your father...

cause who used to hug you and buy you new clothes?
comb your hair and blow your nose,
and when you cry who wipe your tear?
know your fear?
who really care? mother...

thank you Allah, Thank you Allah,

- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers in the've done the greatest job of a lifetime..-

ps/ mum, i love you the most!!! mwahh!!

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